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1.        Toss a coin and choose heads or tails. The winner can choose the ball or the side.

2.        Before serving the ball, the player must ask the opponent if he is ready. The ball must touch twfigurines and after 1 second, the game can begin.

3.        The team who scored the last goal has the serve.

4.        The ball is in play when it is moving across the field. If the ball hits the top of the table wall and enters the field, the game continues.

5.        If the ball is airborne, it is still considered as the ball in the game. The moment the ball touches a surface outside of the foosball table, the ball is considered dead ball.

6.         Do not touch the flying ball until it touches a surface.

7.         Dead ball is considered when the ball stops moving, and it is out of reach for both teams.

8.         Dead ball can be picked up and served by the same team who served before.

9.         If the ball spins out of the reach it is not considered as a dead ball. You must wait to see if it will stop, or if it will move to the player's reach.

10.       If the ball enters the goal and exits, it is considered as a goal. Every goal made by a legal move is considered as a goal.

11.       You can score with every player in the field. If you score your own goal, the point goes to the other team.

12.       The only time the score won't count is the time a player makes an illegal move to score.

13.       NO SPINNING. If you spin the rod for more than 360° you are making an illegal move. The opposite team then decides to continue or to serve the ball.

14.       Every movement of the table which can disturb the opponent is considered illegal.

15.       The ball can stay in one's possession for 10 seconds on the 5-man rod and 15 seconds on other rods.

16.       Cursing and going wild is not allowed. Keep it civilized.

17.       The team which scores 10 goals first is the winner.

18.        Headphones and other listening devices aren't allowed during the game.

19.        Do not break any part of the table, including rods and players. Respect the equipment.

20.        Clean the entire table when you are finished.


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